Akitra is now ISO 27001 certified

Integrated security and compliance
automation for SOC 2, HIPAA and ISO 27001

Compliance automation solution that cuts time, cost and risk out of the audit and certification process. Integrated with a multi-layer cybersecurity system that uses machine learning to provide the strongest protection against ransomware and other threats.

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Andromeda Compliance provides a complete solution for getting your company through the SOC 2, HIPAA or ISO 27001 compliance process, including recommending Akitra-trained CPA auditors.
Prove it
Get the policy and control templates you need for a complete compliance program: security, availability, confidentiality, privacy and processing integrity. Automated evidence-gathering processes integrate with AWS, Azure and GCP cloud services and SaaS services for HR, DevOps, IAM / SSO and more.
Speed it up
Monitoring and maintaining
SOC 2 Type 1 is "point in time" compliance. Most companies move on to Type 2 to prove continuing compliance. The same is true of other compliance frameworks. Akitra  will monitor your IT assets and make sure you stay on top of any threats to your compliance.
Andromeda will not only detect threats to your compliance, it will prioritize the ones that matter, alert you, and help you with playbooks to get them fixed fast.
Focusing on what matters

Why Akitra?

Integrates Compliance and Cybersecurity
Traditional compliance is simply about reporting on meeting a standard. But Akitra Andromeda integrates SOC 2 / HIPAA / ISO 27001 compliance together with its own suite of cybersecurity services -- and your existing security services -- into a seamless solution. It does not merely tell you if you are secure; it makes you more secure!

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Compliance Automation Saves Time

Andromeda Compliance automates most of the tedious, manual chores of compliance. It uses the APIs of your existing services – such as your HR, DevOps and cloud platform services – to gather essential evidence. For instance, the Shield evidence module automatically and continuously collect security data from workstations and servers, while AWS integration collects cloud asset and compliance data.

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Cuts the Cost of Compliance
With Andromeda Compliance, both you and the compliance auditor rely on a single repository of evidence, policies, and controls. All communication takes place within the platform, to improve coordination and save time and labor. Result: you save on both the hard and soft dollar costs of compliance.

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Multi-layer Cybersecurity Keeps You Safe

No single threat detection method can do it all. Andromeda’s quad-layer protection is based on machine learning, signature detection, SIEM integration and the monitoring of endpoints, servers and cloud assets – a comprehensive set of security systems that together create a fine-meshed cybersecurity net.

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