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Building a security compliance automation program for SaaS companies with multi-cloud environments

November 28, 2022

Compliance automation for multi cloud environments can fill the significant gaps in security, privacy protection, and the other facets of a labor-intensive manual monitoring compliance program. And the further benefits automated compliance provides, such as - Continuous compliance Monitoring, Reducing the overhead compliance, Building the security strategy around compliance, etc. have been the talk of town now. Read this article published by Enterprise Viewpoint to learn how you can build a robust security strategy around compliance for multi-cloud environments and achieve continuous compliance, and visit to Start your compliance journey today!

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What You Should Know About ISO 27018 Compliance!

November 24, 2022

If you have been looking to bolster your cloud security and implement ISO 27018, this blog is for you! Our primary objective with this article is to educate you about this recently introduced extension of a well-established regulatory framework and elucidate why you should team up with Akitra to get certified for this compliance standard.

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Understanding ISO 27017: The Cloud Security Certification Standard

November 21, 2022

We at Akitra have curated this blog to introduce you to the ISO 27017 framework, such as who should implement it, why they should implement it, and how you can use Akitra Compliance Automation Platform to get it done rapidly and cost-effectively. . Ready to learn all about this new regulatory framework?

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Understanding ISO 27701: The Privacy Information Management Framework

November 20, 2022

New frameworks come with a whole set of further queries, which is why we at Akitra curated this blog to answer all your questions about the ISO 27701 regulatory standard. Here, we will discuss what ISO 27701 entails, who should implement it, how it differs from its parent compliance standard, ISO 27001, and what benefits it can provide in terms of safeguarding confidential information that your organization is privy to and operates with.

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IT Disaster Recovery Planning: What You Should Know

November 1, 2022

What should you include in your IT disaster recovery plan (DRP)? What should be your primary objectives, and how should you formulate a DRP that serves its purpose of helping your organization recover quickly and effectively? These questions may very well be overwhelming—which is why we at Akitra have written this blog post to answer these questions. This blog will arm you with the basic knowledge needed to create and implement a DRP efficiently.

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How To Overcome The State Of Startup Security For 2022?

October 16, 2022

Startups are mushrooming at an unprecedented rate, especially in the technology industry. Tech businesses, big or small, are developing SaaS, MaaS, or PaaS products and catering to a global audience daily. In such a scenario, it is inevitable for cybercriminals to target this emerging market and cause these businesses losses in the tens of thousands of dollars. That is why it is imperative today that startup security is taken care of on a priority basis and risk assessments are performed regularly to ensure that the systems are secure.

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